Don’t miss … Grant applications are now due; a great opportunity to diversify your Board.

The next grants deadline is Monday, September 15 at 4 p.m. Please be sure to submit your application by that date to be considered. Please review our grants guidelines for more information.

If your arts organization is seeking to expand and diversify its Board of Directors, we urge you to consider appointing a Gen Y board member thorough the Rozsa Foundation’s The Next Step program.

Congratulations to all Betty Mitchell Award recipients and nominees!

Congratulations to Willie Joosen, Rose Brow, Simon Mallet, Joe Slabe and Haysam Kadri for your well deserved recognition at the Betty Mitchell Awards this year. We're proud to have worked with you through various Rozsa Foundation programs.

To all nominees and recipients, thanks for sharing your art with the world and continuing to inspire and delight us. It was also great to see Tom McCabe and Suzanne Mott, arts managers extraordinaires, recognized for their many contributions.