The Rozsa Foundation accepts grant applications through the year, although decisions are normally only made three times a year: winter, spring, and fall.  Please read on to ensure that your organization and proposal are eligible.  Most of our grants are under $10,000, and typically are associated with a specific budget item, not including operational expenses.

The Rozsa Foundation's next grant deadline for 2017 is Thursday, April 13th, 4:00 p.m.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 403.245.6063. 

The Rozsa Foundation Grant Program funds Alberta-based arts charities. We currently focus more on the Calgary area, though there are exceptions. The Foundation funds performing arts, literary arts, visual arts, media arts, and festivals. Typically, our Grant Program supports 20 to 40 organizations each year, funding a mix of artistic genres, and variety in the size of companies.


Grant categories (What we fund)

Administrative capacity

  • Professional leadership development.
  • Organizational development which funds strategic and succession planning, governance review, financial systems upgrade, legal compliance, human resource systems, development of marketing plans, fund development oversight and assistance, discounted audited financial statements.


Requests to fund programming should demonstrate not just that it will be high quality, but that it will significantly advance your organization.

  • Programs that advance your organization’s artistic or presentation practices.
  • Programs that provide education for the public and/or artists.
  • Projects that involve collaboration between artists, arts companies or other non-profit organizations.


Tools of the trade

  • Funding is available for the purchase and utilization of computers, projection, light, sound and other such hardware, costumes, props, storage, exhibition and presentation materials, and printed materials.  Successful applications in this area demonstrate that the specified tools will achieve new capacity for the organization.  Please note that due to demand, we are unlikely to fund expected equipment replacement such as newer computers or updated software.


ARIIVA - A Really Interesting Internship in Visual Arts

  • Galleries! This program continues in 2017.  Please see our ARIIVA internship page under the Arts Leadership (Programs) menu.  The application deadline will be our January grant deadline.



You must be a charity with a valid CRA charitable business number (9 digits, 2 letters, 4 digits.)

You must be an arts-focused organization (or be applying for support in engaging the arts to further your mission.)

You are eligible if based in: Calgary; Rocky View MD and encompassed municipalities; Foothills MD and encompassed municipalities; additionally Banff, Canmore, Drumheller, and Rosebud.  Alternately, if you are an organization with an Alberta-wide mandate and significant activity in Calgary, or if your request is to support implementation of an Action Learning Project (ALP) connected to the Rozsa Arts Management Program (RAMP), you are also eligible to apply, regardless of where in Alberta the organization is based.
If none of these descriptions apply to you, we may still be able to consider your application, but you must call to discuss your proposal with Grant Program staff before beginning the application.  (The primary objective of the Rozsa Foundation is to strengthen Alberta-based arts organizations.  Most of our programs are provincial in scope, but due to our history and size, the Foundation's grant program is, for the time being, more focused on the Calgary area.)

Preference may be given to proposals that can use a Rozsa Foundation grant to leverage additional funding or other resources.

Preference may be given to applications from organizations that have not been approved for funding by us in the 35 months prior to the deadline.  If you have been approved for a grant in the 23 months prior to the deadline, it is possible we might decline to review your application; please contact us before beginning a new request.  (Example – We approved a grant in April of 2015 for a project that was completed in June of 2016.  If there is a deadline in April 2018, that deadline is more than 35 months from the approval.)
Note that our April 2016 Foreign Exchange offset grants are not included in these timelines.  

The success rate is higher for proposals from small to medium-scale organizations, because we can often manage a higher degree of impact with our limited funds, however charities of all sizes are eligible to apply.

If your organization has work in process with one of our other programs, such as RAMP or Next Step, you can still apply.  However, if at the upcoming deadline you will not yet have completed a previously approved grant, or will have past due commitments to other Rozsa Foundation programs, we may decline to review your request.  Please contact the Community Investment Officer to discuss your situation if this applies to your organization.


The Foundation does not fund:
- Expenses related to travel (including accommodation)
- Administrative salaries and normal administrative costs
- Deficit financing/debt repayment
- Capital campaigns
- Replacement or marginal upgrades of normal office equipment (computers, copiers, furnishings, etc.)
- We will not fund your normal programming activities, but new programs or significant expansions are eligible if they can advance the organization in a meaningful way.
- We do not provide operating or undesignated funding
- We do not fund retroactively.  If you are incurring costs before our decision meeting (these occur within one month after the deadline) the expenses may be ineligible.
- We rarely fund web or social media initiatives (please see the FAQ in the downloadable PDF grant guide (under Grants - To Apply.)