The Rozsa Foundation’s vision is to build capacity in arts leaders, organizations, and the sector as a whole. We do this by providing professional development programs for artists, arts administrators, arts boards, and arts organizations. 

Our programs are offered by educational institutes including University of Calgary (Haskayne School of Business) and University of Alberta (Alberta School of Business); as well as the provincial Board Development Program (BDP); and leaders working in the arts/non-profit sectors. 

We encourage professional development at all stages of one’s career in artist development or arts management. As such, we offer the following in-person programs in Calgary and Edmonton: Next Step, Rozsa Admin Fundamentals Training (RAFT), Rozsa Arts Management Program (RAMP), and Rozsa Executive Arts Leadership (REAL).

Next Step

Next Step is a program that connects a board of a local arts organization with a Gen Y alumni from the Haskayne School of Business or Alberta School of Business. The board with the alumni student also attends a board development program or strategic planning session.  

ARIIVA: A Really Interesting INTERNSHIP in Visual Arts 

ARIIVA is an internship opportunity for recent visual arts graduates in their selected field with the purpose of advancing their critical acumen. Additionally, the internship provides knowledgeable staff for art galleries and collectives.  

RAFT: Rozsa Admin Fundamentals Training 

Fundamental skills in arts management provides early career arts professionals an opportunity to learn what it means to work in a non-profit arts organization. 

RAMP: Rozsa Arts Management Program

The Rozsa Arts Management Program provides early to mid-career arts professionals an opportunity to become familiar with new concepts or dig a little deeper into topics including governance, resource development, marketing, human resources, leadership, and finance. 

REAL: Rozsa Executive Arts Leadership

The Rozsa Executive Arts Leadership program provides arts leaders with an understanding of leadership vs. management, creating and negotiating a vision, building and engaging the team, and creating trust. 

The Rozsa Award

The Rozsa Award recognizes, celebrates, and promotes individual excellence in arts management by providing public profile, a monetary prize, and educational and professional development opportunities.