A Really Interesting Internship in Visual Arts (ARIIVA)

What: Internship for Visual Arts graduates
Who should apply:  Registered not-for-profit organization that is either an Artist Run Centre (ARC) or small gallery with less than 3 or 4 full-time staff.
Where: Calgary
Dates: Application due in January
Cost: Organization must contribute $3000 in wages plus MERCs

Description: ARIIVA (A Really Interesting Internship in Visual Arts) is a program launched by the Rozsa Foundation in January 2014. 

Reason:  The purpose of the program is to provide employment opportunities for recent visual arts graduates in their selected field and to advance their critical acumen through the programming component of the internship. Additionally, we hope that this program will assist art galleries or collectives in addressing staffing challenges -particularly in the area of programming - and will be an opportunity to help build internal capacity. Note: this is in an artist development program and not arts management training.

Process: There are 2 GRANTS available, each for a FULL TIME position of 6-month duration. The amount of each grant is $12,000, to be released in 3 installments or as negotiated; the organization may be required to provide proof of payment prior to second and third installment release. Each recipient organization is REQUIRED TO CONTRIBUTE $3,000 IN WAGES PLUS Mandatory Employment Related Costs (MERCs).

Eligibility and Assessment Criteria:

  1. The organization must be a registered not for profit organization, Artist Run Centre (ARC) or small gallery with three or fewer full-time staff.  All applicant organizations must have a registered charitable designation with the CRA.
  2. The intern must be a fine arts graduate from an accredited institution such as ACAD, the University of Alberta, or the University of Calgary, who is graduating in the calendar year in which the application is made.
  3. In the Project Description of the application, the organization will address:
  • What is the focus of the internship – How the internship will help support programming at the ARC or Gallery, and how it will develop the internal capacity / resiliency of the organization.
  • How will the intern be engaged in the following areas:
    • Curation
    • Outreach
    • Archival
    • Critical Writing
    • Other Duties
  • How it will develop transferable skills in the intern
  • If it has a candidate in mind, why it feels the potential intern is a good fit. (If it has not yet identified an intern at the time of application, should it be successful in its application, it will inform The Rozsa Foundation of the selected intern, the rationale for the choice and how it relates to the described outline.)
  • The organization will provide a training plan (who will be supporting the intern in their duties and when?)

When uploading the Project Budget: 

The organization will provide a budget for the internship, illustrating the requisite $3,000 and Mandatory Employment Related Costs (MERCs) and any other additional investments in the internship.  Added to the Rozsa Foundation’s contribution, this should result in a base wage of not less than $576.90 per week over a 26 week period.

Program Details

  • If the application is approved, the Intern will confirm they meet the eligibility criteria and briefly outline their planned career path and expectations of the internship.
  • Measurables will include a review of results versus the outline submitted with the application. Organisations and interns will be asked to address predetermined questions to facilitate comparison in assessing applications and assessing results. 
  • There will be no additional funds provided by The Rozsa Foundation for formal additional skill training outside the recipient organization.
  • The same person may not be funded twice, but two organizations may make a joint application and share an intern.
  • The grant is intended to benefit a graduate immediately upon graduation in April. Consequently the decision on recipient organizations will be made in January or February.
  • If there is no candidate selected when the application is made the recipient organization will inform The Rozsa Foundation upon candidate selection, and address the reason for the selection.
  • The recipient organization may use the grant as leverage to obtain additional funding towards the internship.
  • Organizations funded in 2015 or 2016 are not eligible to apply in 2017.

Apply:  Qualifying organizations are invited to submit an online Query Letter under our Grants Program (take note especially of Eligibility and Assessment Criteria, point 3, above.)  To assist with other points in the application, please see our Grant Application Guide. grants_application_guide_v.sept2016.pdf

ARIIVA application deadline is the first Rozsa Foundation granting deadline of the year.  In 2017 this will be January 19th, 4PM.

Contact: Andrew Long, Grants Officer, 403-245-6063 or grants@rozsafoundation.org