Artistic Internship Grants


The first steps on an artist’s career path after formal training are typically the steepest and hardest to climb. As part of the Rozsa Foundation’s long-term commitment to strengthening the arts sector in its entirety, we are proud to offer Arts Internship Grants for smaller organizations (no more than 5 FTEs), giving them the opportunity to support an artist through this phase of their career, while also assisting arts organizations to address staffing challenges and help build internal capacity. The Intern should also contribute toward an internship "Legacy" piece - a resource or project that will stay with the organization and be used after the internship ends (process manual, collection database, established community relationships, etc)."


Rozsa Foundation Artistic Internship Grants are designed to provide employment opportunities for recent arts graduates in their selected field and to advance their knowledge, skills, experiences and networks. This grant stream supports a flexible approach to high-impact, mentor-driven learning and opportunity within the field for artists in the fields of choreography, composition, conducting, creative and critical writing, curation, design, direction and playwriting among others.


Rozsa Foundation Arts Internship Grants are in the amount of $15,000 and are designed to support a full time position for a six-month duration. Applicant organizations are required to contribute $3,200 in wages plus mandatory employment related costs, for a total base wage of $700/week over the 26 week internship. The intern must be an arts graduate from an accredited institution in Canada who is graduating in the calendar year in which the application is made, or the year prior. It is possible for multiple organizations to apply in partnership with one another, so long as clear rationale of the benefit behind a shared intern is provided. It is also possible for the terms of the employment to be part-time over a longer period of time, but please contact us prior to making such an application. Internships must be completed within one calendar year from notification of funding.


Please Note:

  • Funds granted from this program may only be used for an intern’s salary. No other costs, including mentoring fees or external professional development are eligible.

  • Co-op work terms, or any other component of an intern’s educational degree, are not eligible for funding.

  • The organization’s project budget should illustrate the requisite $3,200 and mandatory employment related costs and any other additional investments in the internship. 

When applying for an Artistic Internship Grant, organizations should address the following in the project description:


  • What is the focus of the internship?

  • How will the internship help support the artistic progress of the individual and how it will develop the internal capacity & resiliency of the organization?

  • What is the "Legacy" piece the intern will be working on within the organization?

  • How it will develop transferable skills in the intern?

  • How will the responsibilities of the intern evolve through the course of the internship?

  • If it has a candidate in mind, why it feels the potential intern is a good fit. (If it has not yet identified an intern at the time of application, should it be successful in its application, it will inform the Rozsa Foundation of the selected intern, the rationale for the choice and how it relates to the described outline.)

  • The organization should also provide a training plan (who will be supporting & mentoring the intern in their duties and when?)


We strongly encourage potential applicants to discuss their proposal with Rozsa Foundation staff prior to application to ensure program fit and maximize the chance of success. For further information on this or any other of the Rozsa Foundation's Granting Streams, please call or email Executive Director Simon Mallett at 403-245-6063 or Click on the button below to start your application. You will require a registration code, which you can receive by emailing


NEW IN 2019: You will be asked to upload a project budget as part of your application. For all grant streams, you must use the Rozsa Foundation Granting Program Budget Template to submit your project grant, completing the BUDGET column of the template with figures as they apply to your grant request.

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