COVID-19 Programming Cancellation Grant
The resources for this grant have been distributed to 
arts organizations, and applications are now closed. 



In partnership with Calgary Foundation.


The Rozsa Foundation recognizes the immense pressure that COVID-19 has placed on the arts community as restrictions on gatherings have largely severed streams of revenue for arts organizations and artists. Some arts organizations were particularly hard hit, having already incurred many costs for cancelled programming, then paying out contract artist fees on top of those costs.


The Rozsa Foundation is offering support to these impacted organizations through grants of up to $10,000 for organizations with an operating budget up to $1 million, or up to $20,000 for organizations with an operating budget above $1 million. These grants will help to cover the cost of artist fees paid out to those whose contracts unfortunately had to be terminated due to COVID-19 related cancellations between March and June 2020. These funds can either be used to pay contractual obligations to artists who have not yet been paid or to restore funds already used to pay artists.


We expect the demand to far outweigh the funds available, and so we encourage organizations to apply as soon as possible, as applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis until the available pool of funds is depleted.


Additionally, while we recognize that funds are tight for all organizations right now, we respectfully ask that organizations approach this grant with the spirit of goodwill and only request assistance for what they need, so that we may support as many organizations as possible.


We will attempt to make decisions on applications within 72 hours of the receipt of your application and disburse funds to your organization shortly thereafter.


There will not be a formal final report required, however, the Rozsa Foundation will reach out to you later this year to request a brief testimonial on the benefit provided by the Rozsa Foundation funding.



Applications are now closed.



Applications are now closed.