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Friday, February 18th; Friday, May 6th; Friday, October 7th




Especially since the outset of COVID-19, many arts organizations are attempting to realize their goals by experimenting with new approaches to how they produce and resource work, and how they share it with audiences.


To nurture a culture of research and development in the not-for-profit arts community in Alberta, the Rozsa Foundation is proud to offer Experimentation Grants that support organizations as they explore new business strategies and modes of program delivery, testing hypotheses that carry the potential for transformational impact.



Up to $10,000



  • Experimentation Grants are designed to provide seed funding for the initial stages of a new test or experiment, supporting high-learning processes that address a clearly identified challenge facing the organization.

  • These experiments should represent a fundamental shift in the way the organization has been working previously, either around business strategies or modes of program delivery.

  • These experiments should test a clearly articulated hypothesis which, if proven to be correct, could have significant impact moving forward.

  • Experimentation Grants are intended to promote a low-risk environment in which to undertake new approaches to work in a manner that is safe-fail in nature, not fail-safe.

  • It is possible for multiple organizations to apply in partnership with one another, so long as clear rationale of the benefit behind a shared experiment is provided. 

When applying for an Experimentation Grant, organizations should address the following in the project description:

  • What is the central question you are addressing through your experiment?

  • What key assumptions about your work, your organization or your audience are you challenging?

  • What is your hypothesis? (State clearly, "we suspect that if..., then...")

  • What do you hope to learn through this experiment?

  • How will you collect and analyze information that results from this experiment?

  • How is this experiment divergent from previous practice for your organization?

  • How might this experiment transform the way your organization does its work?

  • Has your organization done any other experimentation in this area?


We strongly encourage potential applicants to discuss their proposal with Rozsa Foundation staff prior to application to ensure program fit and maximize the chance of success. For further information on this or any other of the Rozsa Foundation's Granting Streams, please call or email Executive Director Simon Mallett at 403-889-0760 or simon@rozsafoundation.org.


Learn more about organization eligibility on our main Rozsa Foundation Grants page.



Click on the button below to start your application. You will require an access code, which you can receive by emailing or ayla@rozsafoundation.org or  simon@rozsafoundation.org. 

If you would like to work in a hard copy of the application as you prepare your submission, please download the Grant Application Template below. Please do NOT submit this form as your grant application. All applications must be made via the online form. 

All project budgets submitted must use the Rozsa Foundation Granting Program Budget Template (at the button below). Please complete the “Budget” column of the template.