Overview of Funding Supports for Alberta Artists and Arts Organizations

The Rozsa Foundation hosted a webinar for the Alberta Arts Community on Wednesday, May 6th to provide information and answer questions regarding financial supports for COVID-19.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the arts has been significant. Since public gatherings were banned in Alberta, severing most arts-related income streams, governments and arts funders moved quickly to create programs and funding supports to address the financial toll on artists and arts organizations. This webinar helped to gather information about these supports into one place, and provided a small glimpse of a possible future for the arts in Alberta.



- Sean Casey and Tara Mazurk (Global Public Affairs)

- Patti Pon (Calgary Arts Development)

- Simon Mallett (Rozsa Foundation)

- Sanjay Shahani (Edmonton Arts Council)


A Summary FAQ Reference Document can be downloaded here: 

The slides provided by Sean Casey, accurate as of May 6 can be downloaded here:

The video recording of the webinar can be played below: