History of the Award

Origin of the Award

In 2002, Dr, Theodore Rozsa was named the recipient of the annual Edmund C. Bovey Award, an award that recognized extraordinary achievements in arts philanthropy. Building on the $20 000 Bovey prize money, the Rozsa Foundation embarked on a collaborative venture to encourage best business practices in arts companies. 

The Rozsa Foundation had just concluded an environmental scan of arts support in the community. It was apparent that the outstanding work of many Arts Managers typically went unnoticed, and, that the administrative weakness of countless arts organizations resulted in poor public perception of the contribution of the arts to society. In addition, budget cuts in the early 1990s had led to the elimination of most middle management positions in arts companies. Senior managers were reaching retirement age, and no immediate successors were apparent. Those who found themselves "behind the scenes" typically had had no arts management training, as only one provincial institution offered education in this area, and the prevailing norm was simply "on with the show". The Rozsa Award for Excellence in Arts Management was created to address these realities. 

The original Award partners included The Calgary Centre for Non-Profit Management who donated consulting services, administrative and marketing support; and the Alberta Performing Arts Stabilization Fund who contributed their expertise in the development of the selection criteria, as well as providing a strong communications link with the Calgary arts community and the Mayor's Luncheon for Business and The Arts. Financially, the Rozsa Foundation matched the Bovey monies, as did two other individuals. Addition donations were also received.

Mary Rozsa de Coquet, Scott Rozsa, Dr Ted Rozsa, Dr Lola Rozsa, and Ruth Ann Rozsa Rayner at the 2003 Rozsa Award celebration.

Mary Rozsa de Coquet at the 2018 Rozsa Award celebration. Photo by Diane + Mike Photography

Past Recipients of the

Rozsa Award for Excellence in Arts Management

Read about our 2018 Rozsa Award Shortlist HERE.

Additional Arts Management Awards

Currently there is only one Rozsa Award, the Rozsa Award for Excellence in Arts Management. In the past, the Rozsa Foundation offered various Special Achievement Awards to complement the Award for Excellence in Arts Management and finally in 2007 described this recognition as the extraordinary innovation in meeting or exceeding one of the seven criteria for the main award. The second annual award was aptly named The Rozsa Innovation Award.

In 2008, The Rozsa Award for Education was introduced to acknowledge provision of outstanding opportunities for audience and/or professional artist development through education in the context of annual performance or exhibition. In 2009, the criteria for was modified and the third arts management award was renamed The Rozsa Human Resources Award for outstanding provision of opportunities by the company for staff, volunteer or professional artist development.

Winners of the additional awards:

The Rozsa Innovation Award

2014 Jo Steffens - Wordfest
2013 Annemarie Petrov - Edmonton Symphony Orchestra & Francis Winspear Centre for Music
2012 David Chereos - Litfest: Edmonton's Non-Fiction Festival
2011 Eva Cairns - Catalyst Theatre
2010 Penny Ritco - Citadel Theatre
2009 Gerard Gibbs- Empress Theatre
2008 Bob Davis – Rosebud Theatre
2007 Xstine Cook – Calgary Animated Objects Society (CAOS)

The Rozsa Human Resources Award*

2013 Linda Wedman - The Works Visual Arts Society
2012 Terry Wickham - Edmonton Folk Music Festival
2010 Rose Brow - Quest Theatre
2008 Murray Kilgour – School of Alberta Ballet

*This Award was formerly named the Rozsa Award for Education

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