The Rozsa Award Juries


The Rozsa Award Juries are comprised of a Chair from the Rozsa Foundation Board, the past two recipients of the Rozsa Awards, individuals chosen from the Rozsa Award partners, and other outstanding business leaders from around the province.

The jury process is rigorous. Following a well-defined scoring system, each juror independently ranks the candidates. Then the jury meets as a group to explain their choices.


Following the discussion, each juror again ranks the candidates. Typically, one candidate receives a unanimous number one ranking. The jury may conduct on-site interviews to further evaluate candidates.


  • The Jury reserves the right to contact the nominators and/or nominee for further information. 

  • The Jury will be asked to declare any conflict of interest with a nominee and/or a nominator.

  • The Jury reserves the right to withhold the Rozsa Award in a given year, and all decisions of the Jury will be final.

  • The Jury may not be addressed by the nominees or nominators – either to help their nomination or explain where the nomination could be improved for the following year.