In the spirit of our Founders, the Rozsa Foundation continues to explore new opportunities to strengthen the arts in Calgary, Alberta and beyond. One of the ways we do this is through targeted research that helps us to unlock new ways to deliver on our mission.

Rozsa Research Sheds Light on Arts Board Membership

On May 23rd, 2017 the Rozsa Foundation held a small symposium to share research on board membership in arts organizations and its impact on fund development.

Led by Roy Suddaby of the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria and Peter Sherer of the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary, the symposium looked at the results of research into the membership of boards of the 29 largest performing arts organizations in Canada. Membership by sector and corporation was analyzed and cross referenced with donations made by those same sectors and companies to see whether assumptions that might exist around board membership and support were true.


In addition to sharing the information available, questions were then generated by those organizations in attendance that will guide the next phase of this research, which will be accompanied by a broadening of the data set into mid-sized organizations as well as those representing visual and language arts.

This research was made possible through a generous grant through the Government of Alberta's Community Initiatives Program.


The preliminary findings of their research may be viewed below:

Arts Integration, Socially Empowered Learning Research

The Rozsa Foundation is proud to support Werklund School of Education research in the area of Socially Empowered Learning. As part of a broader enquiry into Socially Empowered Learning that measures impact on student social empowerment, empathy, ethical mindset, entrepreneurial spirit, and intellectual engagement, the project supported assesses the impact of Trickster Theatre's Kids Go Global, a program that integrates the arts and educational social enterprise in schools. 

While there is ample anecdotal evidence of the benefits of using an arts-integrated approach in education, to date there has been very little quantitative, empirical research published in peer-reviewed journals.

Graphic from Werklund report

Through a rigorous approach employing structural equation modeling and other analyses, the research findings will provide statistically sound data that can elevate the dialogue around arts-integrated approaches within the academic and public policy arenas.

For a full summary of the research, visit the Werklund School of Education's website

Pilot program: Kids Go Global

(July 2014 update) — We often hear, "my child loves art class", but we really don't understand why. On the other hand, in Alberta, we also know that regardless of the class material, an alarmingly large percentage of students are not engaged at school. In fact, some 63% only go through the motions of meeting high school academic standards and a sizable number drop-out before completing grade twelve. Would a more creative curriculum keep them engaged? Can education trhough the arts really make a measurable difference? 

The Rozsa Foundation approached the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary with these questions.

Wishing to champion Trickster Theatre's approach to teaching students using physical theatre coupled with their Kids Go Global communication platform, the Foundation challenged Werklund to design a study that would show whether this pedagological method actually serves to engage students in learning. Fortunately, Werklund had just launched its Research Partner Schools Initiative and so was in a position to facilitate this kind of investigation in four Calgary middle schools.

Kids Go Global is about students learning about global issues through theatre and website research and then working together to support a NGO to make a real world difference. Together, Trickster and the Foundation developed an entrepreneurial component so that students would have some basic business skills in order to earn money to support their projects. Two years of research and pilot have now been completed with promising measurable outcomes.

When this research project started, the Foundation was aware that the province was undertaking a re-write of the public school curriculum by considering various new pedagogical prototypes. Accordingly, in addition to examining the impact of education through the arts, the Foundation set a second goal of influencing the new curriculum design.  This upcoming school year, Kids Go Global will be tested as one of potential prototypes, and further research on student engagement will be conducted.

In sum, the Foundation is actively exploring some new frontiers in the collaborative manner that is our hallmark.

Linking Arts and Business (LAB)

Currently, research is underway which poses the question: What is the optimal funding formula for arts organizations in Canada as determined by various measures of business success?

Older Research

The Rozsa Foundation seeks to remain responsive to our constituents by conducting regular research. Partnerships, commissions and investments in research are integral to our ability to understand the needs and direction of the arts sector.

Research Project on Arts Organizations in Alberta - ongoing

The Rozsa Foundation has invested in research by the Canadian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility at the Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta. The key objective of this research initiative is to provide an empirical overview of the state of arts organizations in Alberta. The strategy will be to create a localized, but world-class database on the fascinating ecology of arts based organizations and institutions. 

Socially Empowered Learning with Kids Go Global - ongoing

The Rozsa Foundation has invested in research by the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary into teaching practices that engage students in real world issues.

Visual Arts Research Précis - December 2012

The Rozsa Foundation was looking for ways to refresh and renew our granting guidelines and to expand the support offered within the visual arts community by addressing current gaps or opportunities.

PDF here.

Performing Arts Research Précis - September 2012

The Rozsa Foundation was looking for ways to refresh and renew our granting guidelines and to expand the support offered within the performing arts community by addressing current gaps or opportunities.

PDF here.

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