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The Rozsa Foundation recognizes the immense pressure that COVID-19 has placed on the arts community as restrictions on gatherings have largely severed streams of revenue for arts organizations and artists.


We also recognize that artists and arts organizations are already making a shift towards creating digital programming, sharing their art online and keeping connected to their communities and stakeholders.


As online arts content stands in for its real-world counterpart, the opportunity exists for arts organizations to be strategic by exploring the potential of using digital technologies in new and innovative ways to advance their mission, share their art with audiences and build resiliency.


At the same time, with physical distancing measures in effect, arts organizations can deliver online-based programming that fills specific needs within the community, further entrenching the critical role of the arts in society.


The Rozsa Foundation is offering support to arts organizations through grants of up to $15,000 to create innovative programming or activities that can be shared digitally with an audience. This presents arts organizations with an opportunity to use technology to deepen connection to community, reach new audiences and implement a digital approach to programming that can continue in some way beyond this period of physical distancing. We are primarily seeking projects that get underway within the next three months but will consider projects beyond that time.


Especially of interest are proposals that will use the arts in a digital format to address immediate needs in the community, including supporting the learning objectives of K-12 students, promoting mental health and wellbeing, addressing social isolation in at-risk populations, and promoting social cohesion through art, bringing people together in a cooperative spirit.


This programming can be offered to audiences free of charge, for a fee, or on a by donation basis or similar model. Funds can be used to engage artists, acquire or license necessary technologies and disseminate information about your programming to an audience.


Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis until the available pool of funds is depleted.


Recognizing that time is of the essence with these projects, we will attempt to make decisions on applications within 72 hours of the receipt of your application, promptly have a brief conversation with you to discuss your project and disburse funds to your organization shortly thereafter.



The following eligibility requirements apply:

  • You must be a charity with a valid CRA charitable business number (9 digits, 2 letters, 4 digits). If you are a non-profit without charitable status, click here; if you are an individual artist or artist collective, click here.

  • You must be an arts-focused organization.

  • Our investment is limited to arts organizations in Calgary and the surrounding area (including Rocky View County, MD Foothills, Banff, Canmore, Drumheller, and Rosebud) as well as to provincial organizations whose initiatives directly benefit the Calgary arts community. Unfortunately, organizations operating in Edmonton that are not provincial in scope are not eligible.



All applications are made online by clicking the "Apply" button below. Once submitted, online applications will receive a prompt reply to acknowledge receipt, and we will contact you to request clarification or additional information if necessary. You can expect to hear from us within 72 hours whether we are able to support your grant request.


The Rozsa Foundation acknowledges that for some equity-seeking organizations, systemic barriers to equity exist when it comes to the grant application process. If this is the case for your organization, we invite you to call or email Executive Director Simon Mallett at 403-889-0760 or to discuss your application, so that we may seek ways to provide additional supports.


So that organizations can prepare their applications, the application form will ask applicants to address the following questions.


  1. Briefly, describe your proposed online arts program/activity, including a timeline. What technologies do you need, and do you have access to them?

  2. Who are you trying to reach with this programming? What considerations are required to reach them online?

  3. How does this proposed program address a need for your organization and your audience?

  4. How might this programming strengthen your organization (whether through revenue, relationships, resiliency, etc.) both short and long term? Please speak to your plans to continue this work beyond the immediate period of physical distancing.

  5. Please attach a project budget using the template provided.


A Few Clarifying Points:

  • While it is possible to apply for this grant with online shifts of existing programming, the focus is on strategic online programming that can strengthen your organization in the short and long term.


  • Physical distancing guidelines in place must be respected in this work. Please be sure to consider how you will manage this challenge within your proposed activities.


  • Online programming carries a comprehensive set of challenges relating to the use of copyrighted materials and other content usage agreements that differ vary from live performance to digital. Please ensure you make all the necessary arrangements to carry out your activity without violation of these agreements.


Please contact Executive Director Simon Mallett at with any questions you may have.

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